Tom Hoover

Former forward/center at Villanova University. Former National Basketball Association player from 1963 to 1967 on New York Knicks and St. Louis Hawks

I had the pleasure of knowing Sam, Bernadette, and Vaughn for XX years.  Their friendship was preeminent, …thick as thieves… the original partners in crime. Besides their sincere friendship, they had a deep respect for education and uplifting the community.  All three attended Syracuse University in the 1960s, (Which I am NOT Mad at) …but at that time being a minority meant isolation and trailblazing.   I am so proud of how Sam is diligently working to keep their legacy alive… and helping to support future generations.  Giving back is the best way to ensure a successful future and a humble way to remember our unsung heroes. Keep up the great work.  Tom Hoover – President Metro Chapter National Basketball Retired Players Association.

Len Berman

Retired Sportscaster, NBC Television

I’m most happy to support the Vaughn Harper & Dr. Bernadette Penceal Syracuse University Memorial Scholarship Fund. My connection to Vaughn and Sam Penceal and Syracuse University goes back a half a century. Back then Vaughn and Sam were terrific basketball players and I was a beginner college sportscaster. But that’s a small part of the story. Both Vaughn and Sam went on to achieve great heights in education and broadcasting. And that’s why their cause is so perfect to help students in English and Communications at our alma mater. I urge you to support this wonderful cause. And I salute Sam and Bernadette Penceal for their commitment to education.

Undergraduate 68 I Newhouse 70.

Cheryl Wills

Primetime Anchor, New York 1 Live at Ten and Host of In Focus with Cheryl Wills

Greetings Friends, Vaughn Harper was a Broadcasting Original! I grew up listening to Mr. Harper who is the originator of The Quiet Storm. He is the gold standard. Often imitated but he could never be duplicated! I also want to salute Sam Penceal for initiating this initiative in memory of this wonderful broadcaster. Sending my warmest love and best wishes to WBGO as well — I am a long-time fan of the station and a lover of jazz!
Your Friend, Cheryl Wills

Syracuse University – class of 1989

Roosevelt “Rick” Wright, Jr., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus – Radio, Television, and Film
S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.

It is indeed a fantastic pleasure to “Honor The Incredible Radio Broadcasting Efforts,” of WGBO-FM, Radio Host, Rob Crocker, and Syracuse University Superstar Alumus Sam Penceal, as they set the airwaves of New Jersey, and New York Radio, blazing with the stories of WBLS-FM’s, Quiet Storm Radio Genius, The Late Vaughn Harper, and The Tremendous Educational Achievements of Dr. Bernadette Penceal. This Radio Broadcast is to “Get The Ball Rolling With Tremendous Aural Flavor,” in order to “honor and support” the efforts of establishing memorial scholarships at Syracuse University, and Radio Station, WBGO-FM in their names. Such scholarships will allow the development of a new generation of radio broadcasters, and educators to continue the “march of excellence into the 21st Century.” Donate now, on this Sunday, July 14, 2019, as Rob Crocker and C0-Host Sam Penceal, “Presents and Delivers a Message of Love,” and a story of compassion about two legends of our family, who must never be forgotten! Syracuse University Great’s Broadcaster Vaughn Harper, and Educator, Dr. Bernadette Penceal. With MUCH LOVE Roosevelt
“Rick” Wright, Jr., Ph.D.

Hilton O. Smith

Retired Vice President for Turner Construction Co.

I send this letter as wholeheartedly supporting the scholarship program on behalf of Doctor Bernadette Penceal. Her work in the field of education was beyond reproach. She was master educator with a resounding love for young students. Her work must be carried on with the scholarship program being sponsored in her honor.
Hilton O. Smith

Dave Bing

Former Mayor of Detroit, Michigan from 2009 – 2013

Over 50 years ago, I met two individuals at Syracuse and remained friends until untimely deaths took them away. Bernie Penceal and Vaughn Harper were special people and I want to honor them by supporting a scholarship fund in their names. THANK YOU WBGO FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.
Dave Bing

Herb Turetzky

Legendary Scorekeeper for the Brooklyn Nets since the inception of the American Basketball Association in 1967.

Legendary WBGO radio broadcaster Rob Crocker is joining forces with one of Brooklyn’s greatest high school basketball players, at BedfordStuyvesant’s fabled multiple New York City PSAL City Champions Boys High School, and career Brooklyn Educational Administrator and community leader Sam Penceal. I urge you to support this meaningful broadcast this Sunday afternoon and learn how you can contribute to WBGO and the memorial scholarship fund in honor of Mr. Penceal’s incredible lifetime partners, his high school teammate at Brooklyn’s Boys High and at Syracuse University, Vaughn “The Quiet Storm” Harper, longtime late night voice and community leader at WBLS, FM radio, and his wife of many years and Syracuse University classmate and Educational Leadership colleague, Dr. Bernadette Penceal. Help to perpetuate the memory and contributions of this “Dynamic Duo” and contribute to the futures of the next generations of community leaders to pass through Syracuse University on their way to leadership positions within their home communities, much as the Penceal’s and “The Quiet Storm” have done in Brooklyn and New York City.

Charlie Scott

Member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame 

Education is the foundation for the future, which is why it’s so important to invest in today’s students. Not only will the Harper Penceal Memorial Scholarship help relieve financial burdens, but it will also allow students to maximize the college experience. With the help of family, friends, teachers, and scholarships, students succeed thanks to the support that surrounds them. I’m looking forward to seeing what future Harper Penceal Memorial Scholars accomplish.
Charlie Scott

Jim Boeheim

I encourage those listening to WBGO to support my former teammate Sam Penceal as he continues to do great things for the community. Sam’s talents made him a great basketball player and a prominent educator.
Thanks for joining in and supporting.
Coach Jim Boeheim

George Hicker

CEO of Cardinal Industries and former teammate

Having known Sam and Bernadette Penceal for over 50 years and having been the roommate of Vaughn Harper at Syracuse University in the mid 60’s, I strongly urge people to be spirit driven to support this outreach mission. Bernadette and Vaughn were two people that always seemed to put other people’s enjoyment of life ahead of their own, which is quite rare in life. Your support would be greatly appreciated.
George Hicker

Keith L Wright

Former NY State Assemblyman

It is with pride and prejudice that I proclaim my excitement for the creation of the WBGO and Harper-Penceal Memorial broadcast. I knew both Vaughn Harper and Bernadette Penceal. Both were fierce Zealots on behalf of Syracuse University. Both were uncompromising in their advocacy for students of color in obtaining a higher education. I want to thank both families for carrying on the legacies of these warriors for higher education.

David Dinkins

New York City’s 106th Mayor

I am so proud of my friend Sam for continuing this kind of outreach effort. Supporting educations and public radio is a worthwhile cause. Any contributions made will payoff manifold. It is very very important.
David Dinkins

As the first and only African-American mayor of New York City, Dinkins has been and continues to serve as an inspiration to Black American mayors across the nation. Marine Corps at 18 and served briefly in World War II. He attended Howard University, graduating with a B.A. in Mathematics in 1950. Dinkins moved to New York City and received a law degree from the Brooklyn Law School in 1956. Dinkins is a member of Sigma Pi Phi and Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternities .

Rachel Vassel

Assistant Vice President I Office of Multicultural Advancement
Syracuse University

The love that Sam Penceal has for his wife Bernie and his friend Vaughn Harper is tremendous. I’m grateful that the community will benefit from his efforts to honor them. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Sam because he has a generous spirit, a zest for life and most of all a great sense of humor! He is also a great storyteller! Sam is determined to continue to make a difference, and I’m honored to call him a friend.
Rachel Vassel

Bob Costas

Award-winning American sportscaster at  MLB Network and tenure with NBC Sports

As a Syracuse alum and WGBO listener, I have a double connection to this weekend’s activities. Sam Penceal played hoops at Syracuse, but that is secondary to his long standing efforts to advance educational opportunities for under-served young people. As it happens, the late Cephus Bowles was a good friend of mine when we both attended Syracuse in the early 70’s. Cephus went on to become the driving force behind WGBO as it became one of the truly great jazz stations. I am pleased that Sam and WGBO are partnering to raise funds together. As a gesture of support for Sam and his worthwhile cause, and in memory of my friend Cephus, I would like to pledge 5 thousand dollars to the fundraising campaign.
Bob Costas

Ken Webb

Former WBLS radio personality

Very few people have the opportunity to meet a good friend in the course of their life. A true friend shares ‘good times’ and ‘not-so-bad times’, together Until the end though, good friends will treasure precious memories
Good memories, genuine memories that over shadows all others Happy times that touched your heart even now, ‘ya just gotta smile, laugh and say; “did we do that ?……” Never again then, will good friends have to part, and the good things they did be forgotten
Ken Webb

Bill Brodsky

Executive Chairman and former Chairman and CEO of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange

Joan and I were friends and admirers of both Vaughn Harper and Berndette Penceal. We can think of nothing more appropriate than to honor their memory at our alma mater, Syracuse University. Our praise and congratulations to Sam Penceal, our long time and dear friend for spearheading this effort.” We are making a $1000 contribution to help the cause.
Bill Brodsky